Crown Lengthening

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Crown Lengthening Q & A

What is crown lengthening?

Crown lengthening is an oral surgery treatment that involved removing excess gum tissue and possibly some bone, around the upper tooth (crown) to make them appear longer.

Surgical crown lengthening procedure is done to increase the clinical crown length without violating the biological width. Several techniques have been proposed for clinical crown lengthening which include gingivectomy, and apically displayed flaps with or without osseous surgery.

3d illustration of a Frontal crown lengthening

Do I need crown lengthening procedure?

Crown lengthening can be necessary if there isn’t enough of the tooth in place to hold prohibiting a crown from firmly attaching.

Crown lengthening reduces gum tissue and shaves down bone when necessary to maintain better oral hygiene.

Cosmetically patients may seek crown lengthening to alter a “Gummy Smile”.

What are the benefits of crown lengthening surgery?

Crown lengthening surgery can improve the appearance of your smile to enhance confidence.

It may also help to improve functionality by reducing decay by ensuring the correct amount of tooth is exposed reducing pressure on the gum preventing bacteria and tarter to enter.